Set Flexible Assessment Timing

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Custom assessment reminders allow Learning Leaders to decide the cadence for assessment reminders. Click on this link to see how your assessment reminder is set up.


Steps to set up a custom timeframe

1) Under the Programs tab, select the desired program.

2) Find the specific group you are looking for.

3) In the flyout, you will see a tab labeled “Assessments” that you will click. You will see the open and end dates of the Assessments here.

4)To edit the end date or time, click on the date after Ends, then click the drop-down arrow. Select the date and time you want to set. Click Save




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The recommended and default assessment start date is 28 days after the last core class of the program.
  2. The start date must occur after the last core class. You cannot adjust the start date if the start date has passed. 
  3. The end date must occur after the assessment start day and be at least one day in the future.
  4. The standard timeframe for assessment completion is 14 days.
  5. Click on this link for more assessment FAQ

If learners are having issues receiving the assessment email from their manager or colleague, please have them do the following: 


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