Measurements of the Hone Program Assessment

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  • Programs created before November 1, 2023, will receive a 27-question Manager Capability Assessment (MCA). 
  • Programs created after November 1, 2023, will receive a 6-question Impact Survey

The Manager Capability Assessment/Impact Survey has two main parts:

  1. Questions regarding on-the-job behaviors, improvement, and impact
  2. The effectiveness of all capabilities within the Hone Capability Model, for both managers and their direct reports.


Part 1: Impact

The first part of the assessment/survey measures is IMPACT, the improvement in the learner's capability based on the classes they have taken in the past. 



The behavior change questions are then transformed into a report on the platform.



Part 2: Diagnostic

The second part of the assessment/survey is a DIAGNOSTIC, which measures the effectiveness of other capabilities and skills.


This part of the assessment/survey also dives down to skill-level questions to diagnose specific skills to focus on next. The results are transformed into a report on the platform.



 Click here for information on how Hone measures impact.




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