Understanding Assessment Results and Hone's Impact

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Hone can show a learner's progress in development with the Impact Survey after a minimum of 2 of their nominee have completed the assessment. 

The assessment result is not a performance evaluation. The assessment will measure the following: 

  • Did the learner like the class? 
  • Did the learner learn anything? 
  • Did the learner improve behaviors? 
  • Did the training impact job performance?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Learners will nominate at least 3 direct reports/colleagues during their assessment flow. 
  • Click on this link for more assessment FAQ

How Does Hone Measure Impact?

Hone can show a program's impact through 4 level processes. 

  • Level 1-2 is through our post-program survey
  • Level 3-4 is through our post-program assessment  

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Level 1: Did they like the class?

Immediately after the completion of each class in a program track, the learner will be asked a few questions about their experience, (e.g., engagement, facilitator, satisfaction rating, etc.).


Level 2: Did they learn anything?

After all classes are complete, the learner is asked about new and valuable knowledge obtained through the program.


Level 3: Did they improve behaviors?

30 days after completing their program, managers and their direct reports are given the Manager Capabilities Assessment/Impact Survey.

This assessment plays two roles: 

  1. It evaluates how the learner's skills have improved as a result of the training they've taken.
  2. It tells what other skills the learner should be focusing on in the future. 


Level 4: Did it impact job performance?

The first part of the assessment also collects information on key metrics that impact the business.  Here we measure increases in metrics such as overall job performance, happiness at work, and organizational commitment. 


Impact Reporting

All results are captured in the platform and are shared with Learners and Admins.


  • After all ratings and results are completed, learners can see their results on the platform.

Learning Leaders:

  • Learning Leaders can see the aggregate results of all their participants in the platform.  They will also get a customized review highlighting their organization’s results. 


Click here for more information about the Hone Assessment.



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