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Is there clarity on how your Executive Sponsor plays a role in your program? Executive sponsors have high-level responsibilities and often focus on strategy and creating conditions for success. 


What is an Executive Sponsor?

An Executive Sponsor is a business leader who holds influence within the group you are training. They are not active drivers of the program and curriculum execution but rather serve as a champion in ensuring that learners feel connected to the learning philosophy and communicate the importance of learners actively participating in the program. An example of an Executive Sponsor could be C-level Executives or Department Heads in your organization.


How can Executive Sponsors champion your learning program and drive engagement?

Executive Sponsors can help promote the learning programs by sharing the company’s leadership/ learning philosophy and communicating the importance of active participation. We found it most effective when Executive Sponsors send email communications or provide a live introduction in a learner kick-off event.


Click on this link to learn more about the roles/responsibilities of an Executive Sponsor. 

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