Host a Learner Kickoff Event

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Host a fun kick-off exercise where cohort members in a Private Program have the chance to mingle and get acquainted with the upcoming Hone program. We found this most effective in creating buzz and excitement as well as a great start to increase overall engagement throughout the program. 


What is a  Learner Kickoff Event? 

A Kick-off Event is a live call hosted by the learning admin to provide instructions and information to learners about what to expect in their upcoming learning journey with Hone. Admins can organize and book a 30-minute live call or use recurring team calls to host the Kick-off Event.


Who is invited to a Learner Kickoff Event? 

  • Learner Admin: Learner admins will create the presentation deck, facilitate the call, provide instructions and information on the learner experience, and share the goal of the program. 
  • Executive Sponsor: Invited in the beginning of the call to provide introductions, share learning philosophy, champion the program, and communicate the importance of active participation. 
  • Learners: All attendees are required to attend so that they have the opportunity to build connections with their cohort and to learn more information about the upcoming learning experience. 


What to cover in a Kickoff Event? 

  • Goal of the Program: the why, organization’s learning and leadership philosophy.
  • Learner expectations: program journey, attendance, and participation.
  • Instructions: how to access the Hone platform and prepare for the class. 
  • Bonus: admins can add a quick breakout session for ice breaker questions.

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