Send Program Invites to Learners

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From your Hone portal, you can invite learners to a program.


Before getting started

  • Confirm with your Hone team that all company domains (i.e., "") are associated with your Hone platform.
  • Prepare a list of email addresses of the learners you want to invite
  • Identify which group(s) to invite the learners to enroll


Private Program

  • Invite learners to enroll in a program from the Hone portal
  • Designate the group(s) learners can enroll in. 
  • Send program invite emails instantly. 
    • Learners will receive a confirmation and class calendar invites. 

noun-info-1587161-EF4A81.png  To optimize enrollment, provide learners 2-3 weeks to choose a group.


Membership Program

  • Invite learners to register for each class in the program. 
  • Learners will receive an email to start registering for classes. 


Click on this link for step-by-step instructions to invite learners. 


If you have any issues, email


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