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From your Hone Platform, you can add learners to participate in a program. You can add learners in two ways; each has unique features and capabilities. You can invite a learner to enroll or enroll a learner into a group within a program.

You can ‘Invite’ or ‘Enroll’ learners to a Private Program Group in the 'Enrolling' status. 


Invite Learners

  • Learners to enroll themselves in a group of their choice. There are two ways you can invite learners to enroll.

1) Closed Enrollment

      • Recommended for separating learners during enrollment.
      • After enrollment, a learner can reschedule individual classes into ANY available groups within the program.
      • You can select one or multiple groups to invite the learners to enroll. This will allow the learners to see and enroll in one of the pre-selected groups.

2) Any Group Enrollment

      • Recommended to allow more flexibility for learners to choose the best-timed group for their schedule, and audience segmentation is optional.
      • The learners can enroll in any current or future groups. 
      • This feature is enabled by toggling on the 'Enable learners to enroll in any group, including those that open in the future' toggle on the invitation flow.
        • If learners do not enroll in the current group, you can resend the invitation for future groups when it becomes available. 
  • The learners will receive an enrollment invitation email prompting them to enroll and providing a small introduction to the program. After they create their account and enroll, they will receive calendar invitations to RSVP.
  • Click on this link for steps to invite learners to enroll.
  • Click on this link to learn more about the learner experience after you invite them to enroll.


Enroll Learners

  • Enroll learners directly into a specific group with no intermediate steps.
    • After a learner is enrolled, they will get a welcome email and calendar invitations to RSVP.
    • The learner will be prompted to create an account upon their first login.
    • Learners can reschedule individual classes into ANY available groups within the program.
  • Click on this link for steps to enroll learners. 
  • Learners can only be enrolled in one Program Group at a time. 


noun-info-1587161-EF4A81.png Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click on this link for steps to move learner(s) to another group within the same Program. 
  • Learners can only be enrolled in a private program. This feature does not apply to Membership classes.

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