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When preparing to attend one of our selected DEIB Hone classes, learners have the option to complete a self-paced pre-class workbook to enhance their learning experience. 

Completing the pre-class workbook is entirely optional, but we highly recommend taking advantage of this resource to get the most out of the Hone class. By completing the workbook, learners will be better prepared to engage with the material during the class and will have a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught.


Access the Pre-Class Workbook on the Hone Platform




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Emails are automatically sent to enrolled learners 4 days before class. 
  • Emails will be sent to learners the next morning if they enroll after the emails have been sent. 
  • Learners are recommended to block 30-45 minutes on their calendar to complete the workbook. 
    • Learners can access the workbook at any time upon enrollment, including after class. 
  • Click on this link to view the email communication about the pre-class workbook. 
  • Click on this link about how learners will access their pre-class workbook on the platform. 

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