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Below are messaging templates to help get your organization excited about your customized Hone Membership Program. 

  • Text in [bold] requires you to change the email to suit your specific needs.


Subject Line Options

  • Your [program name] starts on [date]
  • Meet Hone & learn about your coming [program name]!
  • You’ve been enrolled in a new learning program!
  • Welcome to [program name] & next steps


Email Template Option 1

Hi team,

Investing in your growth and development is critical, and [company] is committed to equipping you with the resources to do so. We’re thrilled to share that we are partnering with Hone to grant you access to their Membership platform through [date].

As part of our Hone Membership, we’ll be assigning new learning programs for the following groups:

  • [program name] for [audience]
  • [program name]for [audience]
  • [program name] for [audience]

In addition to these exciting programs, Membership gives you access to Hone’s catalog of 100+ live classes. The class catalog spans the full spectrum of foundational people skills, including communication, cross-functional collaboration, time management, giving feedback, relationship-building, and much more. Hone’s live virtual classes are led by world-class executive coaches who bring their own background and expertise to each class, plus you’ll get to connect with learners from other organizations.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • [date]: You will receive a welcome email from Hone, inviting you to the platform. You can then explore and enroll in your assigned program, as well as any other Hone classes.
  • [date]: We will host a live session for all [company] team members to share more about their class catalog and how you can leverage your access to Membership. The invite is coming shortly.

Our ask to you:

  1. Log in to create your Hone account as soon as you receive the welcome email.
  2. If you have been invited to a learning program, enroll in all of your assigned classes.
  3. Complete all classes by [date].

We hope that you enjoy this opportunity. Please reach out if you have any questions!



Email Template Option 2

Hi team,

We are excited to formally launch [program name], starting [date]!

This core program is being offered in partnership with a company called Hone and is designed to REASON FOR PROGRAM [Examples: support your career growth by helping you master x, y, and z skills; jump start our continuous learning culture through a series of 4 classes].

Throughout the program, you will learn directly from executive coaches, meet with peers from other companies, and collaborate on the following topics:

  • [class 1 name]
  • [class 2 name]
  • [class 3 name]
  • [class 4 name]

What to expect:

  • You should have received an email from that requires you to confirm your enrollment. Please take action on this email ASAP. Attendance is required.
  • In the Hone platform, you’ll then be able to register for a date and time that works for you for each required class in the program.
  • These classes are all live, so please join from a quiet space and be prepared to turn your cameras and mics on.
  • If your schedule changes during the course of the program, you’ll be able to easily reschedule your class dates and times in the Hone platform.

This program is an investment in YOU! To get the most out of the learning, we ask that you prioritize attending at the time you have scheduled, minimize distractions, and be ready to engage.  

We hope that you enjoy this program, and I welcome you to send any questions my way!


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