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Below are messaging templates to help increase Hone Membership engagement.

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Subject Line Options

  • Elevate your learning and dive into Hone’s class library!
  • Don’t forget! Access Hone Membership for your professional development
  • Recommended Hone classes for [month]
  • Check out these classes on [topic, topic], and more!


Reminder Email Template

Hi team,

We wanted to remind you to check out Hone’s library of 100+ classes covering critical topics like communication, leadership, feedback, creativity, and more! We want you to complete at least one Hone class every quarter to consistently enhance your professional skills.

Here are some key benefits of your Hone Membership:

  • Access Hone's extensive library whenever you need it with flexible class scheduling.
  • Explore a wide range of topics to tailor your learning experience, ensuring it aligns with both your individual and company goals.
  • Practice your new skills in the live classes and apply what you learn directly to your work.

How to make the most of your Hone Membership:

  • Collaborate with your manager to identify topics that align with your personal and professional development goals.
  • Schedule regular time on your calendar for learning to ensure you're consistently investing in your growth.
  • Explore new and diverse topics that may be out of your comfort zone — Hone's library offers a wealth of knowledge catering to every level of the organization.
  • Check out Hone’s Resource Center here.

Your success is our priority, and we're here to support your ongoing learning journey. Thank you for your dedication to continuous improvement!



Monthly Learning Reminders

Hi team,

Happy [month]! With [topic/event] just around the corner, we’d love to share a few resources with you all.

Hone is our provider of ongoing live classes on all power skills. Here are the classes we think you might enjoy.

  1. [class 1]
  2. [class 2]
  3. [class 3]

As always, you have open access to all of Hone’s live classes, facilitated by executive coaches. If the classes we suggest don’t resonate or fit into your schedule, check out the wealth of other options!


Not sure where to start? Here are some monthly topics to consider.


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