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Learners can be invited to Membership Programs with a Due Date. You can invite learners and select the date by which they want all classes completed by.  

  • This due date does not block learners from enrolling in classes that occur after the due date, it just motivates them to complete classes before the assigned date. 
  • Due Dates are not required when inviting learners.

Steps to Invite Learners to a Membership Program

1. Log in to the Hone platform and click on the Program you want to invite learners to enroll in.

2. Click on ‘Add Learners’.


3. Paste the learner emails that you want to invite.

4. Click ‘Next’.


5. If you want to add a due date, click ‘Any Date’ and select the date the learner must complete their classes by, otherwise leave it as ‘Any Date'.


6. Click ‘Send invites’.



  • Can Admins update the Due Date for a Learner?
  • Invited learners will be granted Membership access. 
  • Learners will receive an email to register for classes that best fit their schedule.

Please complete the Admin Support Form if you need assistance regarding membership program completion due dates.

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