Hone's Capability Model

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Hone post-program assessment questions come from Hone's Capability Model.

  • Programs created before November 1, 2023, will receive a 25-30* question Manager Capability Assessment (MCA). 
  • Programs created after November 1, 2023, will receive a 6-10* question Impact Survey

These questions are developed from three categories: where, what, and how.

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Where (you take your team)

  • Strategy
    You develop strategies that set your team and business up for success.
  • Communication
    You listen deeply and encourage clear, authentic dialogue that uncovers different perspectives.
  • Change Management
    You embrace needed change and empathically encourage others to focus on the benefits 
  • Conflict  Management
    You uncover underlying needs and make recommendations that move conflict toward resolution


What (you do to get there)

  • Coaching
    You empower others to find solutions by asking the right questions and providing support.
  • Giving Feedback
    You provide feedback that avoids judgement, sticks to facts and focuses on what improvement looks like.
  • Execution
    You keep everyone focused on the highest priority work and rigorously track progress toward deadlines
  • Performance Management
    You facilitate high performance by removing obstacles and setting clear standards for evaluation.


How (you make them feel along the way)

  • Building Relationships
    You make personal connections with teammates and build trust by following through on commitments
  • Inclusion
    You create a safe, bias-free environment that encourages open-dialogue and spotlights the accomplishments of diverse team members. 
  • Motivation
    You motivate your team by focusing on their growth needs and the rewards that matter to them.
  • Career Development
    You guide your employees to the right development opportunities and networks to grow their visibility.


Capabilities are comprised of skills that map onto specific Hone classes. Here's an example:


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