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From the Hone platform, you can access the class materials the learners will go through during class, for any of your program(s). 

Please note: 

  • The content is based on our Hone standard classes, it may not reflect the customization you have for your class program. 

Video walk-through to access class content



Steps to access class content

1. Log into your Hone account at and select the program. 

2. Click on the group you want to review the class content. 



3. The right-hand panel of the classes within that group will appear, at the top right corner, click on 'More'. 

4. Click on 'View content'.



5. You can view more details about the class by selecting the class on the left-hand panel. 

6. At the top right corner, click on 'View slides' or 'View Learner Guide' and select the class you want to view the content for. 



Click on this link to learn about Hone Membership Classes. 


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