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The Hone Program Assessment, widely known as the Impact Survey, will measure the impact of learning programs. This is not a performance assessment of the learner. 


What is the Hone post-program assessment? 

The Hone Program Assessment questions come from Hone's Capability Model.  

Click on this link to learn more about Hone's Capability Model. 

The assessment will measure: 

  • Did the learner like the class? 
  • Did the learner learn anything? 
  • Did the learner improve behaviors? 
  • Did the training impact job performance?

Click on this link for an overview of the Impact Survey. 


Who completes the Hone post-program assessment? 

Learners who have recently completed a private program will complete the assessment.


When will learners receive the assessment? 

The learners will receive an email to complete the assessment 28 days after the last core class of the program. Hone will automatically send the assessment email, but you have the flexibility to adjust the timeframe on the Hone platform. 

  • Practice Lab classes are not considered core classes.

Click on this link to set the timeframe of the assessment. 


When will the learner receive their results? 

The learner will nominate 3 or more direct reports/colleagues, but only 2 responses will be needed to view the results. 

Click on this link to understand the assessment results. 


When do learners nominate their direct reports/colleagues?

During the assessment flow, the learner will provide a minimum of 3 nominees' email addresses. The nominees will receive an email from Hone immediately after the learners enter their email addresses. 


When is the deadline for learners and nominees to complete the assessment? 

The deadline to complete the assessment is flexible and can be adjusted on your Hone platform.

  • The standard timeframe for learners and their nominees to complete the assessment is 14 days.

Click on this link to set the timeframe of the assessment. 


What happens after the deadline? 

The deadline can be extended if learners and nominees need more time. The following will happen after the deadline:

  • Learners and nominees can still complete the assessment.
  • Learners and nominees will no longer receive email reminders to complete the assessment.

Click on this link to change the assessment email reminders. 


Can I see the assessment results? 

As the Learning Leader, you have access to the assessment results for all your programs. This can help you strategize and prepare for the next program and areas of growth for teams. 


Best Practices to drive higher engagement


How to support learners' FAQ about assessment? 

This article is intended for Learning Leaders only. 

  • Click on this link to learn more about learners' assessment FAQ, and feel free to share the link with them. 


Learners/nominees are not receiving the assessment emails 

If learners/nominees are having issues receiving the assessment email, please have them do the following: 


Why does Hone not do a pre-assessment before running private programs?

Pre-Post surveys are common to measure change. Although, initial self assessments tend to be inflated and can lead to a reported decrease in performance afterward. The most accurate and easiest way to deploy a survey that measures behavior change is to ask learners and colleagues to reflect on how their behavior has changed. Click on this link to learn more.


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