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Welcome! This article will cover the unique integrations and methods of uploading information that our platform supports.


HRIS Integration

If you want learner data (i.e. first name, last name, title, and department) in Hone to be consistent with what's in your HRIS, we highly recommend setting up HRIS integration. Learners won't be expected to provide this information upon setting up their Hone account, as it'll auto-populate for them. Read our article on HRIS integration to learn more about Steps to Setup HRIS Integration.


Uploading Learner Data via CSV Upload

If you're unable to move forward with HRIS Integration, we recommend uploading a CSV file of your learner data regularly to ensure learner info (first name, last name, title, and department) in the Hone platform is accurate. Here is an article to help complete a Learner Upload to the Platform.


Single Sign-on (SSO)

Setting up Single-Sign-On will improve security for your organization and simplify user management as administrators and learners can manage access to multiple applications from a single point. Read our article on SSO to learn more about the Hone Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup Guide.

  CSV Upload HRIS Integration Single Sign-On (SSO)
Creates a User Profile
One-Time Upload  
Automatic Profile Update    
Multiple Steps to Complete
Bypass User Authentication    


Understanding the Chart

Creates a User Profile: All platform configurations create a user profile for each learner listed. A user profile allows learners to enroll in classes and explore the Hone platform.

One-Time Upload: Learning Leaders need to upload learner information once.

Automatic Profile Updates: The information in the user profile is updated nightly to align with your company's HRIS.

Multiple Steps to Complete: All platform configurations require multiple steps.

  • CSV Upload requires that a Learning Leader:
    1. Compiles learner data.
    2. Create a CSV.
    3. Upload the CSV to the Hone portal.
      • *This process is required every time a new learner needs to be uploaded.
  • HRIS Integration requires that a Learning Leader:
    1. Has Super-admin access
    2. Connects the HRIS to the Hone portal
      • *This process is required once.
  • SSO requires that a Learning Leader:
    1. Has admin access to their Identity Provider (IdP)
    2. Share the IdP metadata file with the Hone Support Team
    3. Confirm that SSO is working as intended before turning it on for the entire company.

Bypass User Authentication:  Users will not have to go through two-factor authentication every time they attempt to sign on to the Hone portal.


Please reach out to us at support@honehq.com if you have any questions.

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