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Through the Hone platform, you can easily upload a list of learners. Uploading this list enables learners to seamlessly sign into the Hone platform without setting up individual profiles. Additionally, this functionality allows for the effortless invitation and enrollment of learners. The information you input will also be readily displayed in the Learner tab of the platform.


noun-info-1587161-EF4A81.png Uploading a learner does not activate membership or invite them to your program.


Before Getting Started

  • If you have HRIS integrated, your HRIS system will override the information in the CSV upload every night. 
  • Learners cannot update their pre-loaded demographic information during profile setup but will be able to set their timezone.   
    • If there were fields not uploaded during CSV upload, the learner can add those fields during the account setup upon the first login. 
  • Below are the required and optional columns. You can download the .csv template in step 3.  
    • Required column names: first_name, last_name, and employee_email
    • Optional column names: employee_id, job_title, department, location, and manager_email
  • Please complete the Admin Support Form if you need to update a learner's email address. 


Steps for Learner Upload

1. Log in to the Hone platform and click on ‘Learners’ on the top page.

2. Click on 'Upload Learners'. 



3. For the csv template, click 'Download and fill in our template'. When your template is completed, click 'Next'.

  • Ensure the required field of first_name, last_name, and employee_email is filled out.



4. Click 'Find File', select the .csv file to upload, and click 'Next' to proceed with uploading. 



5. If the .csv has no errors, click 'Next' to continue. 

  • If any errors are present in the file, a 'Resolve Error' message will appear with details of the errors encountered. Fix the errors in the file, then re-upload the file. Errors may include:

    1. Missing required fields (first name, last name, and email)

    2. Invalid email format (e.g. @honehq vs @honehq.com) 

    3. Duplicate of learner email addresses

    4. Unrecognized email domain associated with your organization



6. A Preview Upload screen will appear when all data in the .csv file meets the criteria, identifying how many learners will be uploaded with details for new learners or existing learners. Click 'Upload Learners' to complete the csv upload. 



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you have HRIS integrated, your HRIS system will override the information in the CSV upload.
    1. HRIS updates the information every night. 
  2. Learners cannot update their demographic information, but they can update their timezone.

  3. You can update learner information (location, department, job title) by uploading a new CSV file.

    1. Note: Hone platform currently does not support special characters in the name. Please email or complete the Admin Support form with the name, email, and information to upload. 
  4. Click on this link to complete the Admin Support Form for the following reasons:
    1. Remove learners who have left the organization
    2. Update the learner's email address


If you have any issues, complete the Admin Support form

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