Invite Learners to a Hone Program

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From your Hone Platform, you can invite learner(s) to a private or membership program.

Before you get started, please note the following: 

  • Learners can be invited to groups that are in the 'Enrolling' status. 

Invite learners to Private Program

1. Log in to the Hone platform and click on the Program you want to invite learners to enroll in. 

2. Click on ‘Add Learners’. 



3. Click on 'Invite' and click 'Next'. 



4. Select the group(s) you would like the learners to choose during 'Enrollment'. Toggle 'Enable learners to enroll in any group, including those that open in the future' to enable the waitlist. 

  • Learners invited to 'any group' will be notified when new groups become available.
  • Click on this link to learn about the two ways you can invite learners to enroll.

5. Click ‘Next’. 



6. Paste the learner emails that you want to invite. 

  • The learner under the ‘Added’ tab will be invited.
  • The learner under the ‘Flagged’ tab will not be invited. 

7. Click ‘Next’.



8. The learners on the ‘Ready’ page will receive an email to enroll. Click ‘Send invites’. 



Invite learners to Membership Program

Membership_add learners.png

  1. Log in to the Hone portal.
  2. Click on the program you want to invite learners to.
  3. Click ‘Add learners’ at the top right corner.
  4. Paste the learners' emails that you want to invite and click ‘Next’.
  5. Select a program due date. 
  6. The learners under the ‘Ready’ tab will be invited to sign up for classes that best suit their schedule. Click ‘Send Invites’.



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