Review Private Program Settings

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After creating your private program, Learning Leaders can confirm the following settings are correct:

Steps to Review Private Program Settings:

1. Log in to the Hone platform.

2. Select and open your program.

3. Select ‘More’ and select ‘Program settings’.

4. Under the ‘General’ tab you can update the following:

Cadence - Select the desired cadence (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Custom).
noun-info-1587161-EF4A81.png Recommend weekly cadence for higher engagement and attendance. 

Class Size

noun-info-1587161-EF4A81.png Recommend small classes to increase learner participation, psychological safety, accountability, and attendance rates.  

Assessment - Enable the Impact Survey that is sent to learners two weeks after their program concludes. 

Reschedule with Membership - Learners can reschedule a missed class in a Membership class and receive credit for their private program. 

5. Click ‘Save Settings’ to save the changes made.

6. Under the ‘Automations’ tab, you can enable membership access for learners in the program by clicking ‘Enable’.

a. When enabled, learners will receive an email confirmation for their membership access after their groups’ last core class in the program.

b. Select ‘Learn More’ to change when Membership will be activated for learners in the private program.

i. To change this to have learners receive membership access upon enrollment in their program reopen your Program Settings, navigate to the Automations tab, and select ‘Learn More’.

ii. Select ‘After the learner enrolls’

iii. Click ‘Save Settings’ to save your changes.

7. Begin adding groups to your private program.

For more information on how to add groups to your private program, here is a link to a Help Center Article on how to add groups.



  • All changes will apply to new groups added. Existing groups on the platform will not have the new changes applied.
  • A program review is required for each individual program. 
  • Email if you need 

Please complete the Admin Support Form if you need assistance regarding your program settings. 


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