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This guide presents typical questions that new customers often have as they begin using Hone.


Create a Learning Program

Is there a limit to the number of programs we can create?

  • There's no limit to the number of programs you can create. However, we advise maintaining a manageable number to ensure learners can meet their due dates and succeed.


How can we ensure learners complete classes before accessing succeeding classes?

  • Currently, our Membership Programs don't restrict the order in which learners take classes. 


Can we set specific deadlines for classes in custom programs?

  • Although you cannot set specific deadlines per class, you can set a deadline for the program when you invite learners. 
    • Here's a link with instructions for inviting learners and setting due dates.


I forgot to set a due date for learners in a program. Can I add or edit the due date?

  • Unfortunately, admins cannot currently update due dates on the platform. Please email, and we can make this update for you.


If a learner misses the due date, can they still sign up for a later date?

  • Yes, learners can still sign up and attend classes after missing the program due date. This flexibility accommodates urgent business needs that may arise.


Is there a way to add "notes" in the program we create?

  • When creating a program, you can add a description that provides information to learners, such as class order, program objectives, or other relevant details.

Do you provide email templates for launch communication?

  • Yes, we offer email templates in our Help Center Article for promoting Hone programs and engaging learners during program launches.


Launching a Learning Program

Once we enroll learners in a specific program, do they also gain access to other programs created?

  • No, learners enrolled in a specific program will only have visibility to the classes within that program. If Membership is enabled, learners will have access to all the classes in our Hone Membership catalog. For detailed instructions, please refer to the following links:
    • Instructions for learners enrolled in a Membership program. 
    • Instructions for learners enrolled in a Private Program.


Is there a limit as to how many times learners can cancel or reschedule a class they're required to take?

  • Currently, there is no limit on the number of times a learner can reschedule a class. However, learners cannot cancel a class in a program they are enrolled in. For instructions on rescheduling classes, please follow these links:
    • Here’s a link with instructions for learners to reschedule their class. 
  • As the Hone Learning Leader, you can reschedule a class for the learner by following the instructions here

We understand that urgent business matters may arise that result in a learner missing a class or needing to reschedule. If a learner constantly reschedules their classes, we recommend reaching out to understand the underlying reasons. 


Hone Membership Access

Does integrating with HRIS or uploading learners activate a license usage? 

  • No, integrating with HRIS or uploading learner will not activate a Hone license. When learners are added to Hone via HRIS or manual CSV upload, it simply loads their information into the Hone platform without sending any email communications. To consume a license, learners must have Membership activated or be invited to a Membership program.


Does the Membership program grant learners access to classes outside of the program?

  • Membership programs provide learners assurance that their organization has invested in their development in specific areas or skill sets. Learners will have access to our Hone catalog and can sign up for other classes outside the program. For more information about Hone Membership, click here.


How can I restrict my learners' access to the Hone Membership catalog?

  • All activated learners will have access to the Hone Membership catalog. Typically, learners prioritize classes within their organization's program while signing up for Hone Masterclasses from the catalog.
  • If a learner isn’t prioritizing program classes, here’s an email template to check in with them.


Can other organizations enroll in our Membership Program, and can we make our programs and classes exclusive to our organization?

  • Membership programs allow you to assign learners to attend specific classes as part of the program. These classes are open to learners from various organizations, providing opportunities for cross-industry insights.

Currently, our Membership Program model doesn't offer exclusivity in class to specific organizations but the data reflected in your platform only includes your organization. However, if you're interested in exclusive programs, please contact to explore our Private Program model.

  • The Private Program model allows you to create programs and have your learners go through the program at a set schedule with only learners from your organization. 


I want to deactivate my learner’s membership access.

  • Please complete the Admin Support Form and our team will process the request within 1-2 business days. 


Can admins add learners but not remove them from a program?

  • Admins can add and remove learners from a Membership Program. However, they cannot deactivate memberships at this time. For instructions on adding or removing learners, please refer to the links below.


Learner Profile

Which timezone reflects in our assigned classes?

  • When you sign in to the Hone platform for the first time, you're prompted to set your timezone preference. This ensures classes are displayed in your preferred time zone. If no timezone is selected, classes default to Pacific Standard Time.
    • Here's a link with instructions to change the timezone preference. 


Start your journey with our New Customer Onboarding Guide for a smooth program launch and enhanced user experience.

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