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Welcome to Hone!

Whether you’re launching a Membership or a Private Program, our Onboarding Guide will walk you through the steps. Please don’t hesitate to email support@honehq.com if you need assistance.


Click here to download the Hone Launch Checklist. 


Step 1: Set up your Hone Admin account and platform

This step must be completed before moving on to the next step.

1. Complete the New Customer Form.

    • Submit this form to gain admin platform access. This gives us the basic information to include in your profile.

2. Safelist our domain using these instructions.

    • Completing this will ensure our emails don’t go into your employee’s Spam folder.

Optional, but highly recommended.

1. Set up Single-Sign-On (SSO) using these instructions.

    • This will bypass Hone's authentication process and direct learners to log in with your organization's SSO account.  

2. Integrate your HRIS with the Hone platform using these instructions.

    • This will help you tremendously with reporting. It ensures accurate employee data, such as name, email address, and department.


Step 2: Create Your Program

1. Create a Private Program or a single session, then add groups following these instructions.

    • Once you’ve published groups, we’ll begin sourcing coaches.

2. Create a Membership Program, then the next thing to do is go to Step 3!


Step 3: Launch!

1. If you are starting with a Membership or Private Program for specific learners, invite learners using these instructions.

2. If you are granting Membership access to a broad audience (with or without Membership Programs), follow these instructions.


Helpful Onboarding Resources

As a new customer, we’ve highlighted specific Help Center articles you should check out during your onboarding.

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