Hone Membership Classes

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Hone offers Membership classes at various times and days to accommodate our global learners. 

With Membership access, learners can sign up for live classes anytime (click on this link for our upcoming schedule).


Hone Membership Introduction


What is Hone Membership? 

  • Monthly rotation of Hone's full catalog of classes PLUS exclusive masterclasses - all live and offered across time zones. 
  • Opportunity to connect with learners from other companies who want to engage in the same topics. 
  • Access to articles and videos related to classes attended. 


How Hone Customers Use Membership? 

  • Create a Membership program from our Hone class catalog. 
  • Employees can access Hone's catalog anytime to learn new skills or to reinforce familiar topics. 
  • Organizations use Membership classes to support monthly themes (Women's History Month, Mental Health Awareness Month) or company areas of focus (goal setting, performance reviews). 
  • Managers and direct reports take classes to support their development plans and share progress during 1:1s or in company Slack channels. 
  • Learners can reschedule into a Membership class to make up for their missed private class. 
  • And many more! 




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