Create a Membership Program

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Learning Leaders can create a Membership Program on the platform. 


Video Walkthrough to Add a Program


Steps to Add a Program

1. Log in to the Hone admin portal.

2. Select ‘Create new program’ on the right side of the screen.


3. Click ‘Add class’ to start adding classes to the program. 

a. The ‘View Class Catalog’ button will direct you to the PDF version of the Class Catalog.

b. The ‘How to think about choosing classes’ button will take you to a Help Center Article on selecting classes.


4. Using the list of available classes, select the class that will be a part of the program.

5. Click ‘Add Class’

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until all classes that are a part of the program have been selected.


6. You can drag the class to change their order. 

a. If your program includes a Practice Lab, ensure it comes after the Core Class in the class order.

2024-01-11_13-54-46 (2).gif


7. Click ‘Next’ when the class selections are in the correct order.


8. Add Program Details and click ‘Next’.

a. Program Name

b. Program Description 

i. Program Description is visible on the platform to learners invited or enrolled in the program.

c. Program Goal

i. Program Goals will only be seen by Hone.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 6.03.36 PM.png


9. Review your program to ensure the classes and information are correct and select ‘Create program’.

a. The program will instantly be available on the platform. 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 6.03.52 PM.png


Invite Learners to Membership Program

Membership_add learners.png

Invite learners to enroll

  1. Log in to the admin dashboard.
  2. Click on the program you want to invite learners to.
  3. Click ‘Add learners’ at the top right corner.
  4. Paste the learners' emails that you want to invite and click ‘Next'.
  5. The learners under the ‘Ready’ tab will be invited to sign up for classes that best suit their schedule. Click ‘Send Invites’.


Hone Program Overview

Here’s a summary of the suggested employee groups that best suit the Hone programs. 

  • Click on this link for the Hone Class Catalog.
    Hone Programs Employee Groups Name of Classes in the Program
    Fundamental  Workplace Skills Early career professionals, New hires, or All-employee training

    1. Build High-Trust Relationships (All Audience)

    2. Manage Bias in the Workplace

    3. Own Your Day

    4. Utilize Your Strengths

    Individual Performance Accelerator Individual Contributor

    1. Set Powerful Goals

    2. Prioritize the Right Work

    3. Get Feedback That Improves Your Performance

    4. Hone Your Skills

    Personal Influence Mastery Any employee who frequently collaborates

    1. Influence Without Authority

    2. Give Feedback that Lands

    3. Ask Powerful Questions

    4. Transform Conflict Into Collaboration

    Aspiring Manager Essentials Future people managers

    1. Influence Without Authority

    2. Set Powerful Goals

    3. Get Feedback That Improves Your

    4. Collaborate in a Dynamic Workplace

    Manager Core Managers managing themselves to manage others

    1. Build High-Trust Relationships (for

    2. The Coach Approach

    3. Give Feedback That Lands

    4. Lead Highly-Effective 1:1s

    Managers Advanced Managers who have mastered the basics

    1. Coach Towards a Goal

    2. Manage to Your Team’s Strengths

    3. Navigate Different Intercultural Conflict Styles

    4. Behaviors Of An Inclusive Leader

    Manager Mastery Managers of teams, functions, and/or departments

    1. Measure Individual Performance

    2. Evaluate Performance Fairly & Accurately

    3. Run Effective Performance Reviews

    4. Follow Up On Performance Conversations

    DEIB Fundamental All Employees

    1. Manage Bias in the Workplace

    2. Address Microaggressions on Your Team

    3. Bridge Cultural Differences Across Your Organization

    4. Embrace Ally ship in Your Organization

    Become an Inclusive Leader Managers who have foundational DEIB skills

    1. Explore Power, Privilege & Inequity at Work 

    2. Create a Culture of Belonging

    3. Behaviors Of An Inclusive Leader


  • Click on this link for a guide on how to pick the right classes for your training program. 
  • Click on this link for instructions on sending reminders to learners who have not signed up for classes.
  • Learners have the flexibility to sign up for classes that best suit their schedules.
  • You can gain insights into the learners’ experience under ‘Feedback’ and ‘Commitments’.
  • We recommend starting with one of our recommended standard programs. See the Hone Program Overview section.
    • These programs contain classes that fit well together and are pre-vetted for each audience/capability.
  • Learners must sign up for Membership classes from their Learner portal.
    • Membership Program credit will not be given if learners sign up from the Hone catalog.
  • Click on this link to activate membership without inviting learners to a program.
  • Masterclasses are not eligible as part of the Membership Program.
  • Please email if you do not see your program classes available. 


Please complete the Admin Support Form if you need assistance regarding the program creation feature.

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