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The Hone platform sends automated email communications to ensure that learners have all that they need for successful engagement. As a general guideline, you can expect that emails will be sent in the following scenarios:


Pre Class Email When
Enrollment Email* 3 weeks before the program launches (recommended)
Enrollment Reminder Email 7 days after the initial invite if the learner has not taken action
Enrollment Confirmation Email Upon enrollment completion
Class Reminder 1 day before class
Waitlist Confirmation Upon joining the waitlist
Waitlist Invite Once a new group is available for enrollment
Moving a Learner Upon move completion within the admin platform
Day of Class Email When
Join Class Email 5 minutes before class starts
Class Missed Upon class completion, if the learner hasn't joined
Post Class Email When
Class Commitment Email 15 minutes after class concludes
Class Commitment Reminder Email 1 day after class if the learner has not completed the commitment
Commitment Reinforcement Email 1 day after the learner submits their commitment
Commitment Credit Email 3 days after the learner submits their commitment
Assessment Email: When
Learner Assessment Invitation 30-60 days after the end of the program
Nominee Assessment Invitation Upon completion of nomination by the learner
Assessment Results* After self-evaluation and 2+ nominees respond
Assessment Reminders* Varies
Membership Email: When
Membership Classes Update Weekly
Membership Activation Email 1) After the program ends or 2) Upon activation completion


To view screenshots and sequencing of these emails, click here


If your learners are not receiving specific emails, please reach out to your customer success manager for assistance.


*Click on the title of the email to learn more. 


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